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We're Cloud Solify


Adams Jean Baptiste

In 2016 Adams started developing websites and social media platforms to help local businesses attain visibility on the web as a side hustle. 

After leaving his corporate job as a Cloud Engineer,  Adams decided to turn his passionate for helping business owners and entrepreneurs into a formal business. 



Helping Businesses Get Found Online.

Cloud Solify is an all-in-one Marketing Agency located in Boston with a 100% remote team. We help businesses establish presence on the web and increase their brand awareness through data-driven and creative marketing.

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Story Behind Our Identity


Cloud Solify is the combinations of the word ‘Cloud’ for cloud computing and the word ‘solidity’ meaning the quality or state of being firm. Adams experience with cloud technology and love of physics-inspired the name with the mission of creating solid solutions for any business. 

We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business.
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